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ReFi and the Role of the Grassroots

How to connect grassroots climate/social action groups with ReFi markets.

Tens of thousands of active grassroots IRL projects need web3 to be financeable. I believe this is the quickest path to addressing the climate crisis.

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Bloom Network Governance Whitepaper

A federated DAO of bioregional hubs

Part 1: Bioregional Leadership | Part 2: DAO Governance | Part 3: Regenerative Economic Protocol
This summarizes 15 years of R&D among our global community of 30,000 people across 200 cities worldwide.

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Regenerative Business and Investment Models

The following resources are intended to give the reader solid alternatives to traditional venture capital and strictly for-profit or non-profit business models. In some cases, these models outperform traditional companies in competitiveness on the market, and they de-risk investment.

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