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Translating Web3 from 26th Century Saturn into 21st Century Earth

At Bloom, we believe community organizing is peer-to-peer. When you mobilize with your community to make a community garden, or to stop a new oil plant from being installed and make a community-owned solar plant instead, you are working together peer-to-peer. We need peer-to-peer finance tools to be financially autonomous in this work. Most people explaining Web3 sound like they're from Saturn in the 26th century. So our media team asked me to break this down into 21st century Earth language.

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The Cottagecore Coder

Coding for Life: on learning to garden and program at the same time.

Last year I began learning to code beyond basic html and the two classes that were available at my high school. As I continue learning code, I'm also planting my first garden. This post is about the benefits of gardening and programming as companion skillsets.

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ReFi and the Role of the Grassroots

How to connect grassroots climate/social action groups with ReFi markets.

Tens of thousands of active grassroots IRL projects need web3 to be financeable. I believe this is the quickest path to addressing the climate crisis.

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Bloom Network Governance Whitepaper

A federated DAO of bioregional hubs

Part 1: Bioregional Leadership | Part 2: DAO Governance | Part 3: Regenerative Economic Protocol
This summarizes 15 years of R&D among our global community of 30,000 people across 200 cities worldwide.

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Regenerative Business and Investment Models

The following resources are intended to give the reader solid alternatives to traditional venture capital and strictly for-profit or non-profit business models. In some cases, these models outperform traditional companies in competitiveness on the market, and they de-risk investment.

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