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New art coming soon at Flowerpunks.com! A benefit for Bloom Network.
sci-fi fantasy art characters
Smol Forest
Squirrel Dragon
Squirrel Kin
Flower Dragon
Frog Frens
Tiny Warriors
The Elders
Tiny Pilots
The Magicians
Frog Bots
Frog Gods
#Solarpunk City
Bloom Office
Healing Dome
Work and Chill
Futurist Goddess
Flowerpunk Goddess
African Flowerpunk Goddess
Flowerpunk Goddess of Animals
Goddess of Animals
Forest Goddess
Flower Knot
Temple of Knots
Pastel Felted Knots
Embroidered Knots
Knot Stones
Wait why are you so into knots?

I'm a seamstress and clothing designer, I have a texture fetish, and I love math. Knots are a combination of all those things.

In ancient Cusco in the Andes Mountains, there was a knot tying craft for encrypted communication. It was called quipu-encryption and a person who did it was called a quipucamayac. They were persecuted, exterminated by Catholic clergy because their education threatened colonial power.

My favorite character in a book (apart from Proginoskes from A Wrinkle in Time who is an extraterrestrial cherabim who knows the names of all the stars and is telepathic)... is Chu from PostSingular, by mathematician Rudy Rucker. Chu is an autistic kid who solves basically a Mark Zuckerburg disaster in a future where people are jacked into "The Big Pig". He must travel to the dimension of Lazy eight (infinity). He ties a knot as a form of code that helps him remember the pathway to travel through the dimensional membranes. It is over a million digits long. You can read Postsingular here.
Flower Moth
Yeti Moth
Flower Moths Style 2
Goddess of Beetles
Feather Frogs
Pixel Yeti Moth
The Nameless
The Nameless
Pixel Beetle
Pixel Moth
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