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Peer leadership consulting

For project founders, team leaders, individuals and companies transitioning to decentralized or cooperative structures.

Here are skillsets and experience I draw upon to support your strategy and process:

  • 20 years of experience working in decentralized collectives, from fintech and governance tech, to media arts and activism.
  • Leadership training centered around bringing forward each person's authentic experience and best capacity
  • Organizational development for innovative structures such as DAOs, cooperatives, subsidiary companies and spider brands.
  • What finance instruments are available for cooperatives and DAOs, and applying venture capital instruments to community ownership models.
  • Interpersonal mindfulness, for navigating and improving team culture
  • Lastly, 20 years of experience dialoguing with on the ground communities worldwide about their climate justice and economic sovereignty work. This is relevant for companies and governments working on climate, carbon, and biodiversity.

My rate is $300/hour. You can book a session here: I look forward to connecting with you on your journey.
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